Thala  T. Rolnick,   CPA,  PLLC      Quality Tax Planning, Preparation and Assistance With the Personal Service and Attention You Deserve

My Philosophy

Anyone can jot down numbers on a form or type them into a computer, but not everyone takes the extra time to check that those numbers are correct, to avoid future tax problems and potential penalties.   I believe you cannot prepare a tax return properly unless you know two things:

  • The Tax Payer, and their business or investments
     I like to take the time to meet my clients and get to know them.   I look at the information they bring to my office and we talk.   If a number doesn't seem right, I ask for more details to make sure everything is correct and we have taken advantage of all possible deductions and tax benefits.   I want to prepare the return right the first time.
  • The Tax Code
    I study the information daily for current law changes, Internal Revenue Notices, new Court cases.    In addition, I attend and teach continuing education classes on a regular basis.


I'm here to advise you year round, to help you structure your investment and business transactions for the best tax impact.

Unlike part time preparers I'm always just a phone call or an email away when you have a question on a tax issue.   Unfortunately, once a transaction is completed or your tax year ends, it is often too late to prevent undesired tax consequences.