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Tax Calendar

To provide you with the best tax preparation and assistance we need your help in providing us with your tax return data in time to file your return on a timely basis and make sure that you receive any refund you may be entitled to quickly as possible.  

Year-end  C-corporation are due  April 18th and can be extended to September 15.  First quarter estimates are due April 15.

2017 calendar year-end S - corporate returns will be do on March 15,2017 with an extended due date of September 15

Partnership returns will be due March 15.  Their extended due date will be September 15th

2017 trust a returns will be due April 18, 2018 and extended until September 30th

Individual returns will be due April 17th and may be extended until October 15th.  Forth quarter estimates for 2016 are due January 15, 2018.  First quarter 2018 estimates are due April 17th


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